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[Bluray] A Haunted House

Read moar pls, finally get it in your head, that you can’t read everything from just the “Home” page.
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Nothing much to report
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Moar Manga orders \o/

I really think you should just click on the title of this post to read more, if not, your loss.
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Trip to Germany #2

Aaaand we’re back in NL, luckily, bcuz I was too late with checking-in, I couldn’t even check-in -.- they managed to do it tho, but I had to run like shit for my life or I’d miss my plane and had to pay a shitload of money to rebook my ticket for the next day, but even so, I had no place to stay .__.
— stupid train delays because of Oktoberfest ~__~
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Trip #2 to Germany [Oh the excitement *__*]

Please just read more, why do I even bother writing this? o.O
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UraBoku DVDs

After a month and 2 days, finally a new post! \o/
( featured image comes later )
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Non Non Biyori Vol.07+OAD

Thanks Korokun \o/
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[Manga] Hyouka Vol.06 & Absolute Duo Vol.01

Yay they finally got here, after a week, shipped with EMS.
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[BD] Kokowääh + Kokowääh 2

Moar goodies~
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[Manga] Robotics;Notes Vol.04

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