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My name is Iwan Pennings, I live in The Netherlands (sadly) and I’m currently 22 years old.
My birthday is the 19th of February.
I’m overly in love with Tachigami from Shiroi-Fansubs <3. I was in love with her since February 16, 2014 ( too bad that was after Valentine’s Day ), tho this was “one-sided love” until we met each-other IRL,
this literally changed everything and made me fall in love with her even more than I already did.
She’s my girlfriend ever since May 03, 2014, but to me she’s way more than just “a girlfriend” 🙂

[Edit: September 13, 2014]
There are many good sides about her, better yet, I can’t find anything bad about her at all 🙂
Best of all is that I can call her my wife, even tho we’re not married yet ( yes this makes me really happy ), but looking at how things are now, we will some day.
To me she’s really the most cute, sexy, and lovely girl *////* I really hope we’ll stay together forever, tho I’m not worried about this, we both agree that we’re soul-mates, so everything’s fine 😉

Some background information;
Back in February I started talking to her because she wanted to join DameDesuYo fansub group as TS’er, funny thing is, everyone in the staff channel was saying “him” and “he”, so it’s a fact that people assume “everyone on the Internet is male, females don’t exist”, but I knew she was a girl ^^ ( I never talked with her before, I just knew from Nub_Nubs (Nubles) )…
After talking with her for ~3-4 hours, I asked her to show me her photo, cuz of every bad thing she said about herself, I was curious how she looked like, assuring her I wouldn’t laugh and tell her the truth of what I think, but first she didn’t want to show me, so I told her I’ll show my photo too~ that’s the first time I saw how she looked like ( at that day I fell in love with her ).
Tho everything she said about herself, she doesn’t look that bad as she said, in fact, to me she really looks beautiful <3 Of course she's not one of the best looking girls to others, but what do I care what other people say about my future wife? I love her, she knows I love how she looks like, and that's the only thing that counts anyway ( till today, she still tells me "I'm old", "I'm ugly", "I'm fat", etc... ofc I'm always talking her out of this by telling her how beautiful, cute and sexy she is, but that sadly won't always work, even tho it's true ). To get to the point, when we met IRL, I didn't say a single word to her, which I kinda regret, but that's just how I am ._. after a good sleep next to her ( no I didn't touch her in any way, I was tired, didn't sleep for 20h ), I nearly forgot to give her the necklace I bought for us with our names written in it ( it's a heart, broken in two pieces, put them together and you have a whole heart <3 ) [it was €50, no shipping], I struggled into giving it to her either way, don't ask me HOW I gave it to her, but in the end we hugged each-other ^^ Next day I didn't talk to her at all, all I did was staring into her eyes ( I can't tell people what I want, especially not the girl I love ), so she ever kept saying "stop gazing at me", and told me to tell her what I want, so I told her "kiss me" and that was the first time I kissed her :3 after that I told her "kiss me again" so we kissed again, that first kiss with her really made me into kissing her again, which is why I told her to kiss me again, tho the 2nd time was even better *__* her lips are really soft, I would keep kissing her until I get tired of it. Some days before I left her all alone because I had to go back to NL ( I really didn't want to leave her, at the train station before I left her, I hugged her and kissed her for a little while, I still can't forget how great that feeling was even tho it was a really sad moment, her face looked like she'd cry any time, but she was a strong girl and didn't cry until she got home, unlike me... ), we played on her bed for a while, I really loved this, it was in a non-sexual way btw~, I did kiss her some times, and funny thing is she said "don't try to eat me" XD ( I was really into kissing her ). [ Oh, and she bit me a lot which I enjoyed every second :3 ( yes I'm a Masochist ) ] All by all, to me she's the most cute, sexy and lovely woman (yes, woman, she’s 5½ years older than me) in the world who I don’t want to lose, I love her so much I would die to protect her, and best of all; she’s a great kisser :*

Next time ( September 23-30, 2014 ) I’ll be more into physically touching her and kiss her A LOT 😉
[End Edit]

I’ve been running ‘’ since 2011, but using its name since 2008 (former, and I’ll try to keep it up for at least another 15-20 years.

Oh, I love Little Girls, not Old Ugly Women ( there ARE exceptions ).

I got some other sites which are associated with this site,
Chaos-Coder | New programming site, former Chaos-Coders, but aince C0Rt3X left, I’m solo.
Godless-Subs | My and my girlfriend’s fansubbing group
Mikage | Partially shared server with my girlfriend’s group
Izumi | Shared with my girlfriend :3

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these do NOT give any income at all, that’s why I use them.I need some income D: or I can’t post anything anymore because of not being able to buy new manga and other things .__. so as of Today ( Dec. 03, 2014 ), I’m using without hiding the original shortened links. It’s up to you if you want to support me or not!