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AutoCRC v0.7.4.0

AutoCRC v0.7.4.0 Beta

I know the program has some bugs like you can’t input every .mkv, .mp4, file..

[v0.7.5.0 // ????-??-??]
~ Who knows, never bothered to update it!

[v0.7.4.0 // 2014-08-01]
+ MD5
+ SHA1
+ Able to generate .acs file ( can't open this yet, bugs 🙂 )

[v0.7.3.1 // 2014-07-16]
+ Settings Menu
+ Option to open .acs (AutoCRC CheckSum) files ( does not work yet )
+ Option to enable/disable checking for updates on startup
(not recommended to disable if you want the latest changes)
- Auto tagging and MD5 options in Main Form