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[Order] 4x Mangas

I had to spend my points T___T they’re not valid forever, which is kinda sad, but oh well!


I bought these mangas because I have the previous volumes, and Kitsune to Pancake is something I want to check out, hopefully it’s good!

So, I’ll go kinda off-topic here;
First, I’ve been re-working Yuuki-chan, I’m not sure yet if I keep this domain name because .xyz is ~$15/year, not sure if I can manage that… my school is only for a year but if I can work at the place I’m doing my internship at, then it’ll be no problem, but I’m not sure yet.
– The website will mainly contain stats, but I might add a few other options such as links, bug tracker, you name it!

Second, I’m planning to go to Japan around April-May next year and I’ll stay there for a month ( I think I can stay 90d without Visa, tho ), I’m hoping to have enough money by then to take my gf-sama with me cuz that’ll be even more fun than going alone and leaving her behind… I checked the price, and going with her would cost me 2×980 EUR, but then again, I don’t think she can go there for a month… I have to talk with her about this stuff.


Buy here:
Absolute Duo vol.2
Baroque (K/)night vol.2 (final)
Hyouka vol.8
Kitsune to Pancake vol.1