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[Arrival+News] Manga arrivals and some news/updates

I would really recommend you to click on the title to read more, or you won’t be able to see the contents 😮

Okay, now I can finally start this blog post, been wanting to do it on xmas, but >lazy and I prefer playing PWI with my gf than writing blog posts, but atm I have time for it, so I’ll do it now~

First off, I made a gif for my gf cuz she requested it, see here:

So I’ve got a few new mangas which were shipped on Dec. 11, 2014 and came today (Dec. 27, 2014), I consider this as FAST since there was also xmas days and I used SAL (like always), so I’d say it’s a perfect timing, and just a one-day late xmas gift to myself 😡
Also a day before xmas I bought with my brother a gift for my Mother ( it benefits me more, tho ), we were rlly in need of a new water boiler, so we bought a new one for her, it wasn’t too expensive just about €10, but it works perfect~ ( they lied tho, on the box it says “cordless”, but I still have to plug it in the power socket LOL ).

Also I’m soon (probably today) gonna buy 6 “manga” tho I wouldn’t call it manga as it’s Yaoi *puke* but it’s what she wanted so I’ll get it for her, I’m not rlly caring about how much it costs, but I set a €30 limit, but it’s €37,something so I’ll have to think about it but I think it’s worth it o.O
As of now this is postponed until further notice. We chose both to get her a hamster ball for her hamster Kuro ( which I named <3 ) was €10.98~ Also about xmas, NOBODY wished me "merry christmas", LITERALLY NOBODY, so I'll consider this year as a day xmas didn't exist, not that it exists anyway, but you know it, I didn't even get ANY presents ( except from gf, but was kinda early, end of September~ I love ya <3 ), I hope NEXT year will be better, and HOPEFULLY with her, if I’m allowed to, that is. ( low possibility, but we’ll see, too early for this, but for me next year December is a special month )

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