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Hoshizora no Memoria

Please note that this post contains ADULT images and could be seen as offensive, please do NOT read this if you’re below 18 years old.

This is just some comments on the screenshots I took.

If I defeat my sister/brother do “I receive some gold” too?! that would be useful 😀

I don’t mind if it’s my Imouto, she’s cute, can’t deny. But she’s also annoying.

Pantsu shot~

Aahh, there’s nothing better than 2 sisters this close to each-other.

Then we have this Loli, she’s called “Mare”, I haven’t reached her route yet, so can’t say much about her 😐

Then we’re having le sexy-time with Aoi Izusu, which was pretty fun to hear ^^

*pulls of her clothes* some nice boobs she got there :#

*fap fap fap*

My Imouto’s pantsu 😀

I wish I had an Imouto sitting on top of me ;_;

Though she can’t cook eggs, this was the result.. ‘High quality charcoal’

Then I started to touch my Imouto, we finally realized that we love each-other “yay Incest!”

Insert what? Your dick? A stick? Your hand? – He call’s his thing ‘My member’

Oh, so this is what you were inserting.. your ‘member’, also virgins are the best :D, at that time we became ‘lovers’ that’s how she said it.
*imagines having a sister and fucking her*

If all Imouto’s appear like this after having sex with their Onii-chan, give me a lot of them!

Yeah come at me! make sure your parent(s) don’t/doesn’t wake up while you’re playing with your Imouto.
You’ll be in trouble if anyone finds out you fucked your sister… Because, remember, Incest is illegal.

Oh, you’re not? Fuck I took the wrong dog outside ._.

Then having an ’embarrassing’ moment with Asuho Minahoshi, she later though this was all a dream…

So you’re giving me everything? Let me take your virginity first, then I’ll pick another route and ignore you like a boss.

– I haven’t continued after this, I’m waiting till I reached the “Mare” route.