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[Special Arrival] Xmas Present for my girlfriend

Read more, you baka~

So I had a little “trouble” getting the Plush she wanted, the eBay seller did say he shipped it to her, but 2 weeks later emailed me with “your item is sold out, please pick another color”, so that same day I emailed my gf while she was at work, and told her to pick another color ( WHITE or PINK ), few hours later I got an email back saying that she wanted the white one instead… pretty sad that the one I ordered was “sold out” ( it was white with red eyes, or “albino” ), this is the one that she wanted ;___; I couldn’t get it 🙁
After I told him that she wanted the “WHITE” one, he shipped it pretty fast and arrived at her place within a week O__O usually they use SAL shipping, but I think he used Air Mail or EMS ( no tracks of this, tho )
Oh, I also told him it’s a Christmas present ^^ you can see here what he did ;3
I totally love the package <3 the seller is a pretty decent Japanese to consider xmas present as something important 😀 Here's what was inside: ^010C37D47ED5B8E4BAA383C22EC68C1D9EC751EA39B262EDA5^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr
I love the fact that he put a “Thank You” card with a heart on it in the package :3
She really loves this plush, so I can say, “Perfect… Xmas… Gift… EVER.” for her~

Other news:
I’m soon gonna restart my Pokémon Journey and post “daily” playthough photos on the blog.
I should get “soooon” my 6 mangas I ordered too, so we’ll see about that, will post as soon as I get them.