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[Arrival] Pokémon Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal

moar meeeeeeping~

So finally my games arrived safely, have yet to test them if they work ( mostly the saving feature, because >battery life, tho I have new batteries already just in case, CR 2032 \o/ ( they are actually Japanese too O__O ) )
[Edit: 12-12-2014]
Battery life confirmed to work, saving works fine, there was actually previous save games on the games, but I removed them 🙂
[/End Edit]

Well anyway, here are the games;

I bought them on eBay (well, it’s a gift FROM my Mom) on November 28, so they got here pretty quickly, using SAL shipping ( I wonder, it always says “* may take up to 12 weeks”, but it ALWAYS comes here within 2 weeks! )