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[Shipped] Absolute Duo 2 + Sora no Method 1 + Sky World 1+2 + Baroque Night 1 + Hyouka 7


Thanks to muh friend kol33 for giving me €13.31 so I could finally be up-to-date with Absolute Duo, and now started collecting a newer series, Sora no Method \/
[Start Edit]:
So I sold my Kinect for xbox 360 yesterday, made €25 available, so I bought 4 new mangas which I’m most certainly interested in!
[End Edit]


Also other news, I’m planning to go to my girlfriend again around Valentine’s Day or my birthday~
I’ve been talking with kol33 to help me out going to her, and he wants to help me, even if I tell him no need to, great friends like this you fans nowhere!

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Absolute Duo Vol.02
Sora no Method Vol.01
Sky World Vol.01
Sky World Vol.02
Baroque Night Vol.01
Hyouka Vol.07