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[Order] DOKTORSPIELE und Who Am I – Kein System Ist Sicher

if I would want to write an introduction to a post, I would do it here, but I don’t, so just click on the image or title to read me, or you won’t be able to see dem contentz~

If you read my post about when I was in Germany on my girlfriend’s birthday, we went to Cinema and watched “DOKTORSPIELE”, I find this a rather funny movie, so the day we watched it I decided I wanted to bluray when it gets released, tho I had to wait a few months to let her pre-order it since I have literally no money, not even to pay for this!
The other movie was planned to watch instead of DOKTORSPIELE, but didn’t happen, and chose to watch the other~
I have no idea what “Who Am I” is about, all I know is that it’s about hacking.
Rough translation of “Kein System Ist Sicher” from me would be “No System Is Safe (or Secure)”


Later today ( November 21, 2014 ), I’ll start on the Pokémon pages I talked about in the previous post, as I’m wanting to post progress about Pokémon Omega Ruby when I get it next week somewhere, and the other games I bought ( see prev. post )

Other than this, I’ll also start encoding Pokémon RAWs every week again 😀