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[Bluray] A Haunted House

Read moar pls, finally get it in your head, that you can’t read everything from just the “Home” page.

So, I got another movie, A Haunted House, Sponsored by my Mother again ^^ the last one was also just €5, so why not? Lol.
But at least I can slowly collect more Blu-rays again, so that makes me kind of happy ^_^ it’s been a while since I got new Blu-rays, last one was probably in February, Gatchaman Crowds :X

BDInfo: here

Note that this is a Dutch release, so the bitrate of the movie etc are most likely 99.99% fucked up ( I’m not sure of this, I have to check the USA release ), as they usually re-encode the BD into more shit to make it fit on BD25 discs, which is REALLY sad -.-


I also got 5 “Spoof Cards” ( or, “Post Cards” ) with it ^^