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Nothing much to report

As I said, there’s nothing much to report, other than that I got this Bluray for free ( well, my Mom bought it for me, but still counts as “free” for me ^^; )
Other than this, my girlfriend wants to come over to me with New Year for who knows how long ( I don’t care for how long, even if it’s just a few days I’m already happy with this ), of course we ( me and my Mom ) are saving money for her too, so she doesn’t have to worry too much about the ticket price ^^ but it would be nice if she can pay all herself so we can do other stuff with the money we collected :3 ( I’m planning to go to Cinema with her, as the first time was kinda fucked by two of her staff-members from her Fansubbing Group :\\\\\\\ )


Soon I’ll post pictures of all my Mangas and Blurays I have, this isn’t too much, but total price is over €800 at the moment.