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Trip to Germany #2

Aaaand we’re back in NL, luckily, bcuz I was too late with checking-in, I couldn’t even check-in -.- they managed to do it tho, but I had to run like shit for my life or I’d miss my plane and had to pay a shitload of money to rebook my ticket for the next day, but even so, I had no place to stay .__.
— stupid train delays because of Oktoberfest ~__~

[ Pictures below ]

So, I had a really great time this time too with my future wife, I’m atm both really happy and sad at the same time, bcuz I had to leave her all alone again for who knows how long :'( but on the other side, NOTHING is more fun than being with her, every time I meet her after such a long time is a gift. I went to her this time for her birthday, she’s 27 now 😀 I was kind of excited to be the first to congratutale her, and ofc, I was the first, she kissed me ^^ I’m not really the kind of person that would want to be together with someone and spend my life with someone, but for sure she’s the one I want and will love forever.
At her birthday her Mom and Sister came for a little bit bringing her “gifts?” and a self-made apple pie thing, this was just great :3 too bad I wasn’t that hungry :/ ( @Tachigami: tell your Mom it was great 😉 )
Next day we went to a Chinese Restaurant, but I wasn’t feeling well at this time, my stomach fucking hurt like hell for who knows what reason, so I didn’t eat much ( I don’t like Chinese to begin with ), I just had some potatoes and fries and some ice cream at the end before we left ._. but other than that, it was kind of fun 🙂
The 2nd last day I was with her, we went to “DOKTORSPIELE” ( ) in the Cinema :3 I’m kinda sad because of this because Cookie and VisuVamp came too :<, she knew I wanted to go with her alone there, but it was fun either way~ for the length of the movie I hold her hand the whole time <3 ( she had really soft hands o.o ) The last day I was with her from 06.00 AM - 2.32 PM (or something) I was REALLY sad, but I listened to my gf and didn't cry while we were still together, but for sure I'm gonna miss her for a long time again, but hopefully if everything goes okay, we'll meet again in February 2015, as she might visit me on my birthday that time <3 ( ofc I'll help her paying for the ticket 😉 ) Good thing is, we'll be able to talk on Skype w/ mic soon~ so I won't be "lonely?" all the time, as I love to hear her voice, every time this makes me really happy when I hear her 😀 Birthday stuff: On her birthday, 2 of her group members came to visit her, Cookie and VisuVamp, at first I didn't like them, because I'm not easily getting along with people, it took me a while to get attached to Tachigami too :3, but anyway, later I was more "talking?" to them and almost got raped by Cookie ;( He's pretty funny tho annoying sometimes (always), I wouldn’t want to see him every day, but once in a while is fine. VisuVamp… Yea… She looks pretty cute but I wouldn’t want her as my gf, because she’s not my type :/ but I don’t mind being with her alone. Before they left to their house, they played UNO, but I didn’t join them, because I was already sad enough that I had to go home the next day :'( ofc my gf invited me to play too, but I couldn’t (I don’t even know how to play this), I wanted to spend my time alone with her (she knew this) 🙁 Cookie and VisuVamp basically destroyed this for me by staying longer than they said…

@Tachigami: I love you forever, I had A LOT of fun with you but as you saw, the last days I lost my mood, I’m sorry if you got mad for this but I can’t help it, I ever cry when I have too leave you ;'( I know you feel the same as I do…, also kissing you is just sooooo good <3 and I love touching you and having you close to me, bcuz I try to show you that you're everything to me and not just "a girlfriend", I will protect you with my life, just mark those words 🙂 *softly kisses you for a looooong time until we're both out of breath* Keep in mind that I always want to be alone with you, for obvious reasons, and again, I love you. Picture stuff: Chinese Restaurant bill ( which I paid for me and my gf~ — I don’t care spending money for her 🙂 )
Unimportant payment
Train Ticket back to München Flughafen ( I was crying in this train like I lost someone important to me T__T )
Plane Ticket back to NL

For my Dad:
Clouds 1 Clouds 2 Clouds 3
Somewhere in NL, probably Rotterdam?
Airplane wing lol why did I take a picture of dis?
Safety << how to save your life when plane crashes? Soon more, sleep first.