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Trip #2 to Germany [Oh the excitement *__*]

Please just read more, why do I even bother writing this? o.O

I really shouldn’t be writing about our personal love-life, but I just want to share with the world that you CAN meet your dream girl on The Internet and end up with her IRL. – follow up in next blog post if my sexy girlfriend agrees with what I want to write about our experiences that week I’m with her.

Mainly what I want to talk about is how great it feels to kiss her soft lips and stuff like this.
(@Tachigami: if you happen to read this again, you know I’m unable to tell you IRL my true feelings towards you, so I rather write about it, because I’m able to express everything in text.)

Sooooo- it’s already September! That means my girlfriend’s birthday ( 26th btw ) is this month, yay!
I’ll be going to her for a week this time, too bad tho 🙁 but I’ll try to make this week something both of us won’t ever forget 🙂
I’ll be with her from September 23 until September 30, so that’s perfect ^^ couldn’t wish for more, it’s been almost half a year ago since I last saw her ( May 03 ) so this excitement I speak of is clearly building up as the days count down :excited:

As for her birthday, she invited some of her friends ( don’t really like this, but can’t be too bad, I’m just not the kind of person that wants to be around others ), I’m kind of interested in what birthday presents she’ll get from them :3 but nobody can give her a better present this year than I did ( her own words ), sadly that I had to ship it to her, but it was my own choice, taking it through customs would be much more expensive than the €20 I had to pay for shipping.
If you don’t know what present I got for her, see previous post, about the UraBoku DVD set. – Thanks kol33 😀 ( yes I said it now who bought it! )
I also got some other presents for her, but she knows about 3 of them, others I keep a secret ^^ ( pssst, my mom is planning to get ya something too 😉 ). . .
[ Feelinara (German name) | Sylveon and a Mew Pokémon Plushie ( lost picture have to reupload — effort ) ]
If I had more money to spend, I’d buy all the Eeveelutions for her <3 If you didn't know yet, I met her on IRC ( Rizon ) on February 16, I asked for her photo, but she kinda refused to show me, so I told her I'd give mine too, so we kind of traded o.O but ever since that day we got closer and closer together, ofc we couldn't talk much everyday like we do now because of her work, but that changed after I added her on Skype and met her IRL, which was on April 17, that day was the best day in my life yet, there's only one thing that can make me happier with her than I already am ( you know what it is 😉 ), but anyway... Those first two weeks I was with her were just the best, we went 3x to the Plärrer, she got me two plushies ( from my money tho, but who cares, it's about the feelings, not about the money ), the 2nd time we went there, we went to watch the fireworks, she recorded this, tho I don't have the video :/, 3rd time we went, she got me the 2nd plushie, and we did some fun things like going in the Ferris Wheel ( I love this thing, especially when I'm alone with her :33333 ), I did have a lot of urges to kiss her, hold her in my arms, etc, but the fucker I am, didn't do it ;_; I did kiss her a few times tho ( god I love to kiss her *__* ) I've had literally the best days in my life for two weeks long, I hope we can do this more often in the future 😉 @Tachigami: I love you <3 I'm really happy that we found our ways to each-other, I couldn't wish for a better girlfriend than you *kiss* ( Nothing and nobody can ever change my mind on this, I still think we're soul-mates 😉 ) I don't think I'll keep posting whatever I feel like, better yet, I think I'll post more about shit that's going on and nobody cares about.