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Non Non Biyori Vol.07+OAD

Thanks Korokun \o/

so after a while of waiting, I noticed that there were only 10 copies left on CDJapan and we had to hurry up buying it before it went out of stock,
while I literally can’t pay for anything currently, as I plan to go to Germany again in September for my girlfriend her birthday <3. So I contacted Korokun about the OAD, and we came to the conclusion that I’d keep working with m.3.3.w and he’d buy the Manga+OAD for me,
I’m really thankful to him because I’m a big fan of Non Non Biyori, and I have volume 1-6 too, tho I don’t have the BDs yet :< Pics:

But anyway, here’s the picture Korokun sent to me:

Thanks again \o

Buy here: Non Non Biyori 7 [Special Edition] w/ OAD (MF Comics Alive Series) / Atto