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[Manga] Hyouka Vol.06 & Absolute Duo Vol.01

Yay they finally got here, after a week, shipped with EMS.

Honestly, even SAL and Air Mail are fucking faster than EMS, but yea what’d you expect from the Netherlands >_< Slow as fuck for everything, takes ages to arrive, and whatever shit else might come on your path. But nevertheless, they'll get it to you, EVENTUALLY. Other than that, I got these manga for free from a friend ( kol33, thanks! 😀 ), he'll buy the remaining Hyouka volumes for me too, so whenever there's a new volume, he'll buy it for me 🙂 Front Covers: Hyouka:

Absolute Duo:

Back Covers:

Absolute Duo:

Total price was 3103 YEN ( ~23 EUR ).

Buy now: Hyouka Volume 6 | Absolute Duo Volume 1

This month I’m buying 5 mangas for my girlfriend, tho she will give me money back for one series, which I agreed to. ( yea, if I buy something she wants, I don’t want my money back for it, cuz I actually want to buy [item here] for her, not because she wants it, but because I want it. )
I’m buying something else for her a little more expensive but better ^^

Oukoku Game Vol.01
Oukoku Game Vol.02