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Trip to Germany

Read more if you actually want to read this.

So, yesterday I can back from my trip to Germany, I went there to meet my girlfriend for the first time, and everything went fine ^_^
I was in Augsburg, where she lives, obviously ¬_¬
I had some trouble talking with her the first week, because of my shyness and other things, but the last few days I was there I started opening up to her more and talk more with her ( my English sucks, btw ).

2 weeks before I went to Germany, I bought a golden heart-shaped necklace with our names in it, it cost me €49.95, but I wouldn’t mind if it had cost more than that.
But anyway, it arrived here 2 days before I went to meet up with her *yay*, just in time too, if it didn’t come in time I’d have to ship it to her and that would destroy the meaning of it.
When I arrived at the train station in Augsburg Oberhausen, she was there already waiting for me ^^, we had to wait for the bus to get to her place, so that time I sat next to her, and my heart was beating so fast I had trouble talking anyway *__*
Then when we arrived at her place ( April 19, 2014 at 12:25 AM ), I was really tired and went to sleep not much later than that.

We went to the Plärrer three times, the first time she caught one plushie for me <3 [ 1 ], I was really happy when she gave it to me :3 the second time we went to see fireworks [ video ] which was really fun, it was romantic fireworks 😀 the third, and last time, we went there for fun and she got me another plushie [ 2 ] 😀 Eating was a little problem, as I don't like MANY food, but whatever she cooked for me, I loved it, one day I had to make food for us too :3 and she liked it too heheheh, I hope this won't be a problem in the future when I'm going to live with her, but I'll work on that. Although we haven't done much together, I really had much fun together with her, when I left Augsburg back to the Netherlands I was about to cry before I even left, but I didn't, I did in the train, airplane and when I got home, leaving someone you love is really painful, especially if you know you won't be able to see her for a long time 🙁 I really didn't want to go back home, but stay with her forever instead, my Mom allowed me to, but I can't stay with her at the moment because I have no work and stuff like that, but some day I will stay with her, wherever she goes, I'll follow her. As of now, I'll be really lonely until we meet again, which could take up to 6+ months *cries* Last night I couldn't even sleep because she wasn't laying next to me, I woke up like 5-6 times in 6 hours. But at least I can now say that we really love each-other, not that I ever doubted that, I've been in love with her since February 16, 2014, and I don’t think that will end any time soon, or any other time, I love her too much for that.

This is what she has drawn for me by hand ( yes it’s watermarked because I don’t want anyone to steal it! ):

<33333333 I'm gonna take good care of this :3 If I could redo everything, I would do it the same way, I regret nothing from what I did with her, tho I should've talked with her more. Other images: Bus Ticket to München Hbf, Germany ( From München Flughafen )
Train Ticket to Augsburg-Oberhausen, Germany ( from München Hbf )
Train Ticket to München Flughafen, Germany ( from Augsburg-Oberhausen )
Flight Ticket back to the Netherlands

( video and other pics come later when she uploaded the fireworks video to YT )

She means everything to me, there’s nothing or nobody that can break us apart.
I WILL go back to Germany, and live there together with her at some point.
I’ve been in love with her since February 16, 2014.
I went to meet her for the first time on April 18, 2014.
I went home on May 02, 2014.
On IRC and Skype I’ve mentioned things about “marriage” but the 1st time she said that it’s too soon, so at least she’s not against it 😀