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Peta Vol.5 [NSFW]

So, I went dead somewhere last week, my OS HDD died on me after 5 years of functionality, strangely enough my D:\ drive is still working, which is weird, so I bought a 2TB external drive and threw everything from D:\ on there, and used the internal drive as my OS drive, the External Drive was 80 EUR, but I only had 70 EUR available, so I had to “lend money from the bank” which I still have to pay back but luckily I’ll get money tomorrow ( January 20 ) \o/.

About Peta if you \read more/

Ah, it’s great to have \friends/ that give you money when you need it, and then buy stuff from what you’ve left 😀
Thanks \o.

I might buy the Gatchaman Bluray, the Anime was interesting, and I think the Live Action movie will be better, but then again, >Japanese.
Small chance I’ll put up the BDMV if I buy it, I’m not gonna waste 20+ days to upload it, lol.

I think I’ll be posting more programming stuff and programs I made somewhere in the near future, I installed Visual Studio 2013 ( Thanks Fatality for the key ) earlier, so I can play w/ C#/C++ again :), I’ll also probably remake my IRC bot ( Yuuki-chan ) and put her on GitHub so everyone can contribute changes, and help improve her 😉
but remember, she’s MY little sister!



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There won’t be any tracking as HLJ doesn’t give tracking numbers for SAL shipments, which is pretty sad ( costs about 980 JPY tho ), but we’ll have to live with it, as I’m not gonna pay 20 EUR import fees.