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[BD] Dschungelkind ( Jungle Child )

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So, after a long time of not buying anything >money problems<, I decided I wanted a new movie, rather, a German movie, not that I'm German myself but I've seen trailers and shit of this movie and I wanted the bluray~ I searched everywhere and there were only shit encodes which were bit-rate starved >_< so I decided to buy it myself, happens I found it on Amazon UK ( 19.90 GBP [Import] ), well fuck, that's not gonna happen, checked Amazon DE, there it was only ~5 EUR, but >need Credit Card, which I don’t have obviously.. so I asked some people from Germany to buy it for me, I’d pay them after I received the movie in my mail of course, and there was (is) one guy that I share one of my servers with, who bought it for me, we made it clear that I would pay the movie + shipping to NL after I got it in the mail, but later he told me its a Christmas gift, so I’m overly happy right now, as this is the first time someone gave me anything for Christmas since 2004 ;_;

Well, as always, here’s to cover, and the BD itself.

Really, thank you, Fatality. ( You can find him here )
Frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches Neues Jahr! < Yep, I'm too early with this!