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Naisho no Naisho! (ないしょのないしょ!)

Okay, first off, this game is rated 18+, so if you’re younger than 18 years old, please no NOT read this page.
I’m not responsible for the consuquences.

Do note that I’m NOT finished with this game yet, so more content will follow~
This is quite an interesting game I enjoy playing it, I’ll finish Hoshizora no Memoria somewhere soonish.

So, lets start!

This was the first time meeting my twin sisters, they’re adorable, no?

すごうでしょ~? (sugoi desho?) Yes, indeed, you’re both amazing, but I think I’ll go for Ren (the right one)

\o/ (to be honest, I forgot what she say here, something with やった (yatta))

(。。。ありがとう、にいにい) Arigatou nii-nii (she says this everytime)
But.. thanks for what? Helping you? I haven’t done anything to you yet

Oh, you poor little girl, you peed in your panties? I’ll clean it for you!

「んゆ。。。にいにい。。。?」 (TL: Nyu… niinii…?)

*cleans her pussy* I bet he’s also fingering her, the pervert :#

にゃあつ? にいにい、 はずかしいよう ((something nya-ish) niinii, hazukashiiyou)
Do not worry my Imouto! It’ll be over soon! *rubs more*

Oh, her wet pantsu ¬_¬ *sniff* *sniff* [me gusta]

*pulls dick out*

Uuuuurgh! I came!

Oh! My other Imouto’s pantsu! lets see what I can do with those.

Apparently I’m going to write something on those panties… I’d like to know what….
(I’m not TLing this for you ;))

「えっち えっち にいにい、えっち」 [ecchi ecchi niinii, ecchi]



*blood loss about 60%* \o/ (Ren still best :D)

*rub* Well, there’s no way I could do this, cause I have no sisters :<
I don’t think she’s too bad… but who knows, I’m doing the Ren route first.

It could be me.. but don’t you think it looks like they have a dick?

Hazuki: Onii-chan, kiss me~
Onii-chan: Okay.jpg

Ren: Kiss me, onii-chan~
Onii-chan: *fuck yeah*

This is even better than kissing them */me goes to rape his little sister*


*jumps into the bath with large boner*