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I haven’t been very active on my blog for a few reasons, I started school again, and got kicked out again ¬_¬
I went to my gf again, from February 22 to February 29, this was really fun because I hadn’t seen her for about a year and a half, so I got really excited again to see her :3
And the BD I pre-ordered had arrived on February 27, which is Bakemono no Ko.

Well first things first, as always it’s a lot of fun being with my gf, but this time we were alone – without her brother – cuz she lives now alone in a small flat ^^
We did more stuff than the previous meet-ups, mainly because I had some money to spend, but I don’t mind this, we both had fun with everything we did~
I also bought Nisekoi Volume 1 (Limited Edition) (German) from Saturn, and a few mangas for me and her.
I had to send about 40-45 mangas to myself because taking everything into the plane would be too heavy I suppose (well it was ~7.9KG), these mangas arrived 1 day after I came home and are now ‘safely’ stored in my book case (picture pending…).

I also pre-ordered 10 items, mostly manga… if not everything is manga… xD
Here’s the list:
宇宙炉心ムーモ 2 (BLADE COMICS) – Uchuu Roshin Muumo Vol.02
宇宙炉心ムーモ(3) (ブレイドコミックス) – Uchuu Roshin Muumo Vol.03
終わりのセラフ11巻 アニメDVD同梱版 – Owari no Seraph Vol.11 + Anime DVD (OAD)
変態王子と笑わない猫。(5) (MFコミックス アライブシリーズ) – Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. Vol.05
変態王子と笑わない猫。 6 (MFコミックス アライブシリーズ) – Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. Vol.06
変態王子と笑わない猫。 (7) (MFコミックス アライブシリーズ) – Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. Vol.07
のんのんびより 8 (MFコミックス アライブシリーズ) – Non Non Biyori Vol.08
のんのんびより 8.5 公式ガイドブック (MFコミックス アライブシリーズ) – Non Non Biyori Vol.08.5
のんのんびより (9) (MFコミックス アライブシリーズ) – Non Non Biyori Vol.09
氷菓 (9) (カドカワコミックス・エース) – Hyouka Vol.09

I’ve also been re-working on the program I made for Shiroi-Fansubs, SHFS_Tools, its design is much better than before~

Also last night I was talking with gf-sama, and she brought me on to an idea, I have a Raspberry Pi 2B, I’m not using it for anything yet, and we decided I should make a ‘doorbell’ with custom sounds, like ‘Chuuuuuu~’ for example XD

Well that’s it for now, pics coming later (don’t expect them any time soon).