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[18+] NEKOPARA vol.1 – Trial Version

Okay so, I didn’t even know there was a demo already from this doujinshi, so when I found out, I downloaded it right now and started playing it :3
The story is about Chocola and Vanilla, two Neko which were found by the MC ( the guy you play as ) when they both were ~9 months old ( in cat years ).
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Naisho no Naisho! (ないしょのないしょ!)

Okay, first off, this game is rated 18+, so if you’re younger than 18 years old, please no NOT read this page.
I’m not responsible for the consuquences.
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Hoshizora no Memoria

Please note that this post contains ADULT images and could be seen as offensive, please do NOT read this if you’re below 18 years old.
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